Bill of Beer’s Top Five IPAs

Well, way down here in little ol’ NZ it’s almost International IPA day. And before our beer scene starts going crazy with Beervana talk, I thought I would get in early and share my favourite IPA’s with the world.
I sourced myself a couple of new IPA’s for the day as well so this list is by no means final. But in my time so far, slowly broadening my palate experience, these are my picks;

5. Twisted Hop IPA
4. 8 Wired Hopwired
3. Ballast Point Big Eye
2. Epic Hop Zombie*
1. Hallertau Maximus*

I won’t elaborate on the how’s and why’s of these ratings, I’ll leave that up to you and being that I am not too well travelled (in terms of International Beers), I’m sure mine will differ greatly from yours. I’d love to hear what your faves are.

*Forgive me if I am breaking the rules by including any IIPA’s.

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