Almost Brew Day

Just a quick post today. Brew day is almost upon us. It seems to have crept up rather quickly and unannounced, but maybe that’s just from the hustle-bustle of our regular lives getting in the way of brewing.

In the last week we managed to assemble all the final pieces of the brew kit and today we’re off to buy hops and grains.

Our first attempt will be based on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone and we are pretty hopeful about how it’s going to turn out. We’re not able to get the exact grains we need for our recipe but the guys at Brewers Coop assure us they can match something close to them, so with our limited knowledge we’ll have to take their word for it.

I am very excited to get started and looking forward to see how it will taste.

The next question is; What beer shall we drink to celebrate laying down our first brew? I was tossing up the idea of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but thought maybe that was better for when we crack open our final product. I imagine the day will be pretty hard out so a refreshing drop will probably go down a treat.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Donna - 29 Nov, 2011

    So what was the beer of choice?
    I saw BMoores had some giant bottles, haha

  2. billofbeer - 30 Nov, 2011

    Unfortunately we didn’t get the batch down due to some faulty equipment, Donna.
    So our celebration beers became commiserative beers instead. I went with a Croucher Patriot, it seemed appropriate considering it was election day too

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