Black Santa: an oatmeal stout

The time off over Christmas and New Year’s gave us some extra time to get to know our brew kit so we had to take advantage of it.

On our first brew day we discovered our burners may have been mounted a bit high, so to avoid flames lapping out everywhere and melting all our rubber seals and handles we had to keep them quite low, this resulted in a less vigorous boil than we would have liked and it slowed a few things down when we needed to heat.

For our second brew day we decided to drop the burners down a couple inches and install some heat shields. We quickly noticed the huge difference it made to our ability to heat when we sanitised the kit.

As we had not yet tasted our first beer at this point, we decided to brew a different style beer for our second batch. This way we could offset the batches and identify and work on any mistakes separately. So for all-grain home brew number two we decided to dive into an Oatmeal Stout.

In light of the festive season we dubbed this beer; Black Santa.



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  1. Lee - 31 Jan, 2012

    Nice work lads, gotta watch that flame when the hops go in!!

  2. BillofBeer - 01 Feb, 2012

    Thanks Lee, yeah the boil goes a bit mad once they go in, huh? The beer gets a bit precious too so we certainly don’t want to lose any

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