Countdown to Dry July

A month away from beer?!

I better get some drinking in then.

So I have decided to take up the challenge and stay off the booze for the month of July. 30 days without a beer… woah.

Wait, what? July has 31 days? Who made the stupid decision to do this on a long month? How about Dry February?

The idea behind Dry July is that participants will go a whole month without alcohol all the while gathering donations to go towards adults living with cancer.It also intends to raise awareness of drinking habits and the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Right now I’m feeling pretty positive about the whole thing but I can imagine that will change pretty quickly.

For a start, think of all the loss of income some of my favourite bottle stores and pubs will have. Sorry Galby’s, see you in August.

For all those generous souls who would like to support me, I have made a small clause in my Dry July commitment; our recent homebrew will be ready during this period so I am allowing myself one 100ml taster glass of this brew, for which I will make sure I make an additional donation. (If you would like to support my Dry July campaign, please donate here).

So with this daunting challenge bearing down on me, I’m going to make a final flurry on untappd by checking in a new beer each day until July.

I’ll be covering these exploits as well as my Dry July progress here so stay tuned over the coming month if you want to read about a man crying.

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