Isthmus; Rhymes with Christmas

Isthmus Pale

Isthmus Brewing Co
American Pale Ale
5.0% abv
Dry July: T-minus 2 beers

This was on the guest tap at Deep Creek on the weekend but the bartender assured me it was brewed by the Deep Creek team. But then I’m not so sure as I’ve never seen someone make getting two drinks look so hard.

The Isthmus Pale Ale poured with a bit of head and was a golden orange colour. It was also rather cloudy.

On the nose I got a fair idea of why it was so cloudy as the aromas that were prominent were a bit yeasty; ripe bananas, as well as some other tropical fruit like mango or maybe passionfruit.

The taste too, was rather yeasty then followed by a good amount of bitterness.

Despite all this, I did find it quite tasty but it definitely needed some cleaning up; maybe with a longer ferment or conditioning time.

NB. Take care when ordering this beer, as I found it hard to pronounce the word Isthmus without spitting on everyone in front of me.

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