‘Crafty’ fill your own’s in Herne Bay

Just a quick shout out for one of my local bottlos that I only recently discovered; Herne Bay Cellars.

I would like to be able to say I just happened across this little gem as I was trolling the streets of my neighbourhood, but the truth is I don’t make it up on to Jervois Road all that often. No, the reason I found this great little beer outlet was thanks to a tweet from Epic Beer.

It turns out that only 17 minutes walk from my home, Herne Bay Cellars is offering some quality ‘Fill Your Own’ beer. A few hours after Luke’s tweet, I made my way into the store to see what the deal was and have a chat with the man behind the counter.

The store has four taps which at the time were serving Croucher Pale Ale, Croucher Raspberry Bock, Epic Pale Ale and Leigh Sawmill Pilsner. I discovered that until just recently they had only been serving the Leigh Sawmill beers on the FYO but were looking to gather more interest from other brewers.

I had tried the Croucher Raspberry Bock a few nights prior and thought it was awesome, so I couldn’t resist grabbing a flagon while I was there. And at only $13.99 for a litre and a half it was a bargain too!

They tend to go through the kegs rather quickly, so if you are in there and they have something you want, you had better make the most of it. Their bottle range consists mostly of the usual suspects and is a little light but they do have a small selection of craft beer offerings.

Pop in and see them at 182 Jervois Road, Herne Bay or give them a call to see if they have your favourite drop on tap Ph. 09 376 3497

NB. A phone call just now tells me they have just about run out of Croucher’s Raspberry Bock. The other taps are currently running Leigh Sawmill Pale Ale, Leigh Sawmill Crystal Wheat Beer and Leigh Sawmill Pilsner.


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