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Today seems like a good day to do a blog post with a recent survey revealing that bloggers are the least trusted profession. Not that I would call this a profession and realistically how many people are there that would call this a profession? Or earn a paycheck from it for that matter?

With that in mind you should race out and grab some Uranium Breath IPA; it’s awesome.

This week in ‘being a brewery’, we faced some new challenges with the need to increase our production while organising a brew day for a new beer. It certainly feels busy.

red-whatOne challenge we are currently facing is having no label art yet despite the brew going down tomorrow. This is what happens when you foolishly don’t brief your artist early enough and then discover he is snowed under from other, I guess better-paying, work. So it looks like we’ll be varying our art style sooner than we anticipated, but rest assured it’ll still be cool.

Speaking of cool, this will be the next challenge we face. With increased production, our current cool store facility may not cope, so we need to source some new storage without having to increase the price to you guys too dramatically.

The ‘Being A Brewery’ series was something I was supposed to start a while back so this one may feel a little out of place. I’ll look to rectify that in the coming month… or two.

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