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Being A Brewery – Keep A Brew Calendar

With so much drama in the L-B-C,
It’s kinda hard finding time to write B-O-B.
That’s what Snoop would’ve said if he was taking his Gin and Juice to market anyway.

This post is the latest in a blog series that details the steps we’ve been going through to take Mash Palace Brewing commercial, and the challenges we face along the way.

Since my last post about Mash Palace it has been a steep learning curve taking our beer to market with plenty of t’s to cross and i’s to dot. Fortunately the generosity and openness the brewing industry is known for is not exaggerated. We’ve had plenty of useful advice from Luke at Epic Beer and Niels from Schipper’s (they’re making some great beer so go out and get some), as well as from the team at Stainless Brewing who have been brewing our beer for us.

This week’s top tip comes from us learning the hard way, we do it so you don’t have to.

Keep A Brewing Calendar

This week we discovered the importance of keeping track of brew dates and when to order ingredients and services.

New beers have been booked in for brew dates as well as increased production for Uranium Breath IPA. Dates are starting to overlap now, which means while we’re trying to organise beer labels for one brew the next one needs ingredients ordered. I’ve never been that great at multi-tasking, let alone remembering when I need to do it, so this has led to the odd sleepless night (I tend to remember things in the middle of the night).

We now have a shared calendar with automated reminders about when to start ordering supplies and organise deliveries.


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