So many tasty, tasty, beery options

Breaking Dry July

The final day of Dry July is upon us, the waiting is almost over.

Dry July has been long… and a little arduous, but for a great cause.

The fallout of my commitment to this cause is that I am approx 1kg lighter, 1cm slimmer, $100ish richer, no longer the Foursquare Mayor of Galbraith’s and adults living with cancer are $300.00 better off.

Admittedly the effect on my waistline could’ve been larger had I not substituted beer with lollies during the first two weeks. Sugar filled beverages probably weren’t the best alternative either if losing weight was a goal I was aiming for.

Anyway, Dry July is pretty much all wrapped up and I’m looking forward to the break party. Here’s a snap shot of my beer fridge.

So many tasty, tasty, beery options

In case you were wondering; no, I don’t plan on drinking all of these tomorrow. But I do have my eye on that Epic Hop Zombie.

All you other Dry Julyers; what are you planning for your breaking drink tomorrow?

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  1. Michael - 31 Jul, 2013

    Darkest Days… since that’s what dryjuly has felt like 😉

  2. Dan - 01 Aug, 2013

    Well done champ! I totally failed Dry July this year 🙁 I promise to try harder in 2014, we’ll try to organise some cool stuff for teetotalers throughout the month 🙂

    Went around to Chris’ at midnight to help him break the spell, starting at about 3 seconds past midnight, he smashed down a Croucher Pils, a Mikes OMPA and followed up with… yep… a HOP ZOMBIE. Bet he’s feeling it this morning 😛

  3. BillofBeer - 01 Aug, 2013

    haha, Good call @Michael.

    Yeah it’s pretty tough @Dan. I think next year I’ll opt for the give generously option instead. BTW thanks for your donation, it’s pretty cool hearing where the money goes on BeerIQ’s blog –

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