Craft beer vs our poor economy

Founders Fair Maiden Ale
UNtried 'til now - Founders Fair Maiden Ale at Bonita
With the increasing amount of craft beer appearing on our shelves my memory is struggling to keep up, let alone my wallet.

Hiked up prices and inflation are doing their damage and unfortunately my beer tastes are becoming more and more unsatisfied with the mainstream brewers outputs. I can certainly attest that craft beer tends to put a serious dent in your wallet and since my adoption of the beverage as a fairly regular ‘treat-to-myself’ my bank accounts have suffered.

I guess it comes down to priorities, which leads me to a tale of how I spent last Saturday arvo and a new motto to accompany.
Saturday afternoon began innocently enough, with a couple of mates dropping in for a beer after a morning of wedding planning (well earned).

So after a few Epic Pales and an obscure Japanese beer I found at the Asian supermarket, we decided to go for dinner.
This too was relatively well behaved and before long we were wandering back down Ponsonby Rd toward Bonita Bar for a couple of drinks. I was pleasantly surprised to see their fair selection of beer included some NZ craft beer in the form of Founders and Emersons.

It’s at this point where the evening started to spiral out of control financially. In the never ending quest to find beers we haven’t tried and then taste the good ones over and over (Thanks Emersons 1812) the savings account clearly takes a bit of a hit.
With a few beers under the belt and good company, the true effects of the evening don’t really dawn until you check the bank account. Not good for the house savings.

And as the missus and I stressed over the money, I coined a phrase that I think I’ll stick with; “You only live once… but you get paid twice a month”.

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