Drinking Beers out of the Creek

Deep Creek Brews and eats
Deep Creek's tasting platter of beer

I certainly chose a great day to visit the newest craft beer pub on the North Shore of Auckland, and plenty of other people had the same idea because tables were at a premium.
Deep Creek Brews & Eats has only been open about a month but the word seems to be spreading about the great selection of beers and food.


Browns Bay can tend to be a hive of activity when the sun is shining with its safe beach and street side shopping and Deep Creek is in a great position to take advantage of this. Located at the Northern end of Browns Bay, Deep Creek Brews & Eats has an entry on Clyde Rd and leads right through to Beachfront Lane where another bar is under development to service the thirsty patrons who are lucky enough to grab a spot in the sun overlooking Browns Bay beach.

Being my first visit here it seemed appropriate to order the beer tasting tray and a food platter, which we settled on being the cured meat paddle, with a side of kumara fries. We were very satisfied with our food choices and found it to be substantial enough to tide us both over as we made our way through the beer range.
I tapped a few notes in to my phone as the battery dwindled down so they were all pretty brief but they drew similar conclusions; I like them.
They didn’t have ‘309’, their home brew award winning pale ale, on tap at the time so I guess that calls for another visit. I thought the rest of their range was quite well balanced, good bitterness was showing through in the Undercurrent Pilsner and Pontoon in a Monsoon IPA (though I did think Pontoon wouldn’t suffer from a bit more). The Dusty Gringo really stood out for me and had some particularly familiar taste that I just couldn’t put my finger on at the time, in retrospect it was probably something embarrassingly obvious so I won’t linger on the subject.

I really like Deep Creek Brews & Eats, the decor inside looks awesome with all the timber and stainless steel on show from the fermenting tanks and I particularly like the tap handles at the bar which reinforce their branding with the Nikau. The location is great too; beach views in an area that lacks a good craft beer pub and plenty of parking around (though much of it is full on a sunny day) and they brew a decent tasting range of beer, not to mention a selection of other craft beers (they had Hallertau’s Luxe and Statesman on tap too). So it won’t be too long before I drag the rest of the boys down and I’ll get a taste of the award winning 309 and Basilica from out of the creek.

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