Crazy guy gives it to MS sufferers

I think we all know somebody who needs a hand sometime. Take my mate, Matt for example, he could very well be insane.

On Sunday 11th of December 2011, The TelstraClear Challenge is taking place. The challenge is Aucklanders’ chance to ride over the harbour bridge as part of a 110 km cycle race or as part of the relaxed 15km Pedallers course.

Now, taking part in this, for many people, would be more than enough of a challenge, but Matt’s decided to take it a huge step further. Matt is going to attempt to complete the challenge on his Haro Forum Intro Lite 20 Inch 2010 BMX.

As part of the challenge, riders are encouraged to raise money for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on top of their entry fee.

With the challenge now in front of him, Matt is prepared to sacrifice the use of his legs and the ability to reproduce to raise money for people with an unpredictable and unreliable central nervous system (Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and its symptoms).

I’m asking you to please help Matt raise money for a worthy cause by visiting his donation page and donating whatever you can. I know I have at least a few readers out there who are avid cyclists so you will probably be able to appreciate how hard the challenge is going to be, please rally your troops and give Matt some support and in turn, help MS sufferers everywhere.

And if you can get out there on Sunday 11 December, please do so and cheer Matt on. It’s a pretty safe bet he’ll be the only one on a bmx doing the 110 km challenge.

Matt's bmx that he will ride 110km for charity
Matt's Haro Forum Intro Lite bmx - ready for the challenge ahead

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