Bourbon, Beer, BBQ

Bourbon, beer and barbecue. Individually these are all great things to spend a Sunday afternoon indulging in, but bring them all together and you have an inaugural collaborative event put on by Sam Snead and Nigel Kelly of House of Whiskey and Luke Nicholas of Epic Beer.

The event consisted of plenty of samples beers and bourbons as well as a big feed of sossies and patties straight off the grill.

Beer geeks and bourbon heads mingled over the six hours of the event discussing the merits of each sample and otherwise just shooting the s**t.

Being that this is a beer blog, you can imagine the main reason I was there. Us beer enthusiasts were treated to a one-chance-only offering of Luke and Kelly’s tinkerings from ePICObrewery.

Unfortunately, time wound up on us pretty quickly and we didn’t get to sample them all, but we were offered an insight to what might possibly be the next commercially available beer wearing the Epicurean label. Luke said the beer still required some work, but I can assure you it was tasting good.

It was a Sunday afternoon well spent and it was great meeting a bunch of like-minded cats and having a chat over some good beer.

I’m looking forward to seeing the event continue and establish itself as an annual event on the beer calendar.

Big thanks to the guys at Epic Beer and House of Whiskey for the afternoon, also thanks to Mandy at Vivace for the venue.

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