Countdown to Beervana almost over

The weekend of Beervana is almost upon us, and I can see from the Twittersphere that beer enthusiasts and afficionados are already descending on the Craft Beer Capital.

Our brew team are all headed down to partake in the shenanigans with our varied strategies to tackle the multitude of beers on offer. With 271 different beers from 96 breweries the task looks rather daunting, I have my list down to about 80 so far but that’s too much to fit in to only two sessions. I think any further decreasing will need to be done on the fly.

What else is rather daunting is the thought of going back-to-back on beervana sessions so some real planning and preparation will be required.

With the four hour beer sessions of Beervana looming and the multiple great beer bars in Wellington’s CBD, I thought it might be a good idea to repost this gem from AsapSCIENCE’s Youtube channel.

Like a good boy scout; always be prepared.

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  1. Huia Barnett - 20 Aug, 2012

    Awaiting results with bated breath…

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