Irish Stout – All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Murphy Brewery
Irish Dry Stout
4.0% abv
Dry July: T-minus 5 beers

When out at a DB supplied pub the options can be a little limited, but I was fortunate enough to find beers I hadn’t tried before or, at least, tried since the existence of untappd.

As you would expect from this style, the beer poured with a thick, solid head and was a dark, reddish-brown.

I couldn’t pick up any aroma at all. That could’ve been because it was suppressed by the head or maybe I was too distracted by the impending quiz night.

The head was thick and creamy on tasting and the beer in the glass backed this up again with a full, heavy body. There was a roasty, coffee flavour that was perfect for a Winter’s eve.

I was pleasantly surprised by this find. I was expecting a similar experience to the last Guinness that I had, which I found to be very watery and lacking flavour, but the Murphy’s Irish Stout was everything you hear about when people talk of a good Irish Stout.

Now I know I have something to fall back on next time I’m in a DB bar.

The perfect complement to quiz night. The head wasn't the only thing that felt thick.

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